So Cold

Ny låt inspelad aprill 2016

So Cold
I I'm standing right here and u u sitting over there..
I I asked if I if I could call her then, she got out a pen...

Every time i c u love comes tombeling down
And every time u leve me im left with nothing but a frown

Hey you
Why do u leve me so cold
Hey You why do u leve me so

so i can start to think about the consequenses of me being alone,
nobody wants to know, nobody wants to hear....

so i cant think a bout a thing
Im standing here with a diamond ring
standing like a dickhead in the freaking snow

#Ambient Rock #Alternative Rock #Rock

New space video for a track recorded 2016.
Video graphics made in Adobe Photoshop except the boat which belong to Ola Schubert, thanks for the loan.
Video edited in Adobe Premiere.
Music recorded in Cubase or Logic (Cant remember).
Instruments: Acoustic guitar, distorted guitar, wah-wah pedal, distorted Bass, Zoom G5.
#spaceship #Space 






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