Volvo s60 trög styrning

The #14 is inside the car, under the pedals. It also has a small bearing at the top which can rust. Remove the bolt #12 from under the dash, then remove the large clip (not illustrated) that keeps #14 in place, remove #14 and retrieve the small bearing. Then you have access to the lower u-joint from inside the car. One part of the u-joint being disconnected, you can inspect it for free movement. If it doesn't move easy, use liberally some engine oil or silicone grease (don't go with wd40 as some anti-seize spray will freeze in winter). Play with the joint on all axes until you see rust coming off and gets easy to rotate. Removing the joint from there is usually a very hard job because it gets stuck on the steering rack.

Silicone grease between 13 and 14. 

If you want to remove 13 (for replacement - no need to remove anything for greasing- just push 14 down and grease) then remove 15 and use small pry bar to lift 13 up and off. Then remove 11 and 12 to get 13 off the car. 

Its best to have 2 people first. ! to turn the steering wheel while the other looks at the joints. See which one has play and replace as needed. I have done many of the 13's but very few of #9's. Many people confuse the play or damage/wear to the steering rack with a bad 13. You will wnat to see the play first hand before paying for replacement parts.




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