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Lost between clothes and gold

There you lay on the ground, but where are your clothes? Relax, soon I can offer you some gold to get new ones. Soon.

Beautiful girl, don’t show me your eyes. Let me stand here in the darkness, nameless and in secret.
Beautiful girl don’t give me that look. I’m not here, just let it be you with me, and please let me avoid me with you.

Don't you see? this is democracy, this is liberalism, here I can create the market. I want love and I have gold. So beautiful girl give me love! And obviously you need clothes.

Yea this is democracy, this is liberalism, but here I found my freedom trapped in gold and lost clothes. Mr. Man in the darkness, please give me some clothes to hide from the cold.

So here I lay on the ground, thinking about my lost clothes. And just realized they disappeared with the gold. Yea this is democracy, this is liberalism, this is freedom, this is where I’m a part of the market, lost between clothes and gold.




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