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Coming to my senses

I have seen a rainbow
around the moon
I have seen a rainbow upside-down!
I have seen rain
Without a bow
And danced with arms outstreched
In the rain without a bow...
I listen
To the wind in the willows
To the crickets playing
To the sound of the universe
And I hear life.
I taste my tongue
I taste food and wine
And I feel happy
When I taste water because
I taste life.
My eyes are drawn
To the candlelight
To the campfire
To the light in a glowing log
A shadow of the sun
And I watch life.
When someone streches out a hand
I grab it
I hold it
And when I dig my hands
Deep down in the soil
I feel it
I feel life.
And all of a sudden
It's all around me...
I smell Mother Earth
I smell the flowers
The sea
The shells
And there's something in the wind...
I smell life!
And I AM
I am alive.



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