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Flowers for the dead - Chapter 1

Chapter 1

The Drunken Spear Master

When he stood there gazing over the flooded quortyard, he started to remember all those men and women who fought with him and passed away throughout the years.

The first one to pass away were Huang Bao, a giant of a man, who seemed to always have a good mood. He hade 2 dear belongings that he never had out of sight. His flask with bamboo liquor and his spear.
The spear wasn´t a ordinary spear like the flask. It was a Great Spear with magic carvings. The carvings on the shaft med the wearer strong as 10,000 men and the tip where made of the strongest metal in the country and had carvings that made it unbreakable and sharp at all times. When you looked at the spear you could see the curved tip and the darkwood shaft glow with a magical blue light. But im not going to waist any more time blabbering about the spear so ill just contine with the story.

Lu Kang first met Huang Bao in the small city Saoxiou at the local tavern. Huang Bao where glamoring about some troopers he had met some day before while he where out hunting in the surrounding forest. He was claiming that he had beaten the whole troop all by him self, so Lu Kang needed to investigate it further. So he walked up to Huang Bao and said
- So you claim to have beaten a whole troop, all alone?
- Yes lad! That is actually true! And if you dont believe me I can show you to the area where I beat the living out of them, because it would be a bloody mess to take all the bodies to town AND a bloody waist of time, HAHA.
- It sounds to have been many soldiers, so how many where they? And wish colour where the armors?
- 104 soldiers exactly, I always keep in mind how many I kill so i know how many flowers i shall send to their leader, Haha, and the colour? Hmm.. lets see.. Yellow it was! But.. why do you ask that laddie?
- I am Lu Kang, so of Lu Ban, and I wonder , do you wanna join our forces by becoming one of our generals?
- Hoho, so you are a young lord? May I ask why you honour me, a simple man and traveler to be a general in your highness army?
- You are more then a SIMPLE man if you can kill a troop of 104 Yellow Turbans all alone. We, the purple Lu, could have use of a man like yourself. So what say you?
- Aye laddie, you seem to be nice men but what are your purposes by building an army?
- We simply whant to rule the land, no lead the land to a future of happy people and wealth. We whant to save the lives of the young and save the land from the Yellow Turbans that invade, destroy and burn down all the villages they come across. We whant the land united under one colour!
- Haha, you had me from when you said you wanted to make the people happy lad! I only have one condition.. NEVER touch my flask NOR my spear! Touch and you start flying all over the place in peases and that wouldn´t be so nice wouldn´t it? Hehe..
- Good. Come to the city hall when you are ready.We shure, I shure would appresiate if you showed up.

They bowed to eachother and Lu Kang went for the door when he suddenly stopped and throwed back a wallet full of gold to Huang Bao who started to laugh again.
As soon Lu Kang went out of the tavern he heard te rumbling roar from Huang Bao and right after a half to dead man stumbled out and walked away. Lu Kang laughed and walked off to talk to his father about his amazing discovery of a warrior.



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