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The great and grand stallion

Good morning, evening or night! My name is Flipzon. Well that's not my real name - it's my nickname. I don't even remember my real name. I just remember that it is a long word and very difficult to pronounce. All I really know is that I'm a horse - I'm sure of it. It doesn't matter if you've heard something else - you can't change my mind. I'm a horse! I say this with lots of emphasis because lately I've heard a rumour that says I'm not. That's only hearsay, I assure you. My Human, I have one you know, was saying to me the other day that I begun to look like a horse. Well what do you know?

Ever since I was a little foal I never doubt it, for a second. To even think I look like a pig or a hen or worse, maybe a red squirrel makes me start to shiver. In fact when I discussed this with my stable mates they thought I've lost my mind. They all believe they are horses and surley that they look like horses. They all are. Well in deed we are different. We have different coulors, different ways to act and different body structure. But we're all horses. From this day and on I'll never trust any human rumors.

I have two stable mates, Jibban and Grace. Grace is a mare. I love mares. That's a part of my personality, a personality I'm very proud of and nourish with succes, I believe.

My human doesn't think this part of my personality and behavior are successful though. She refers them to bad habits. Bad habits?! Thats a new one.

Well, sometimes I've gone to far. I remember when my human called the Vet. This she did after an extraordinary pleasant ride in the forest when I've got to meet the most lovely creature I've ever seen. There she was - a noble lady with shiny black coat and graceful attitude. She stood right in front of me, in the vivifying, green forest and the birds where singing lovely tunes all around us. Who can resist such a beautiful creature? My human undoubtely tried a various kind of measurements to catch my interest but nothing she did helped. Nothing does in those moments. I continued with my dance in front of this lovely lady until her panic-stucken human with wide open eyes started to sceam. Yes, she was screaming her heart out. There is nothing in the whole universe I hate so much as when humans scream. It feels like my eardrum will burst and I will become deaf. It's terrible scary for a horse to loose it's ability to hear and I never know if it will happen or not, when humans scream.

The dreamlike scene with the ladylike black coated mare dissapeared in a hurry when I run without any good sense right into the fir twigs.

It was then my human called the Vet. Not because I've hurt my sensitive legs on the fir twigs, oh no - she called the Vet because she wanted to know if the awful operation in my youth had beed successful. Horrible fate. As it showed, it still is. In spite of all my efforts to retract that fact. I'm still a gelding.

My human was very satisfied with the answer but I was sad and unhappy for days.

Now you think that I've stopped tho behave like a great and grand stallion and a lady-killer. Well, you're wrong- I'm still a lady's man and I'm still magnificent and noble and the ladies cluster around me still. And I will continue with my, for my human, pitiable manners as long as I will walk on this earth. This will bring frustration to the humans but merriness and satisfaction for my mates and me.




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